The Modern World of Media

My name is Katie Kigin and I’m a sophomore here at Creighton University. Journalism is a relatively new prospect of mine. I began my college career as a business student and quickly realized that numbers and figures are not my forte. I then started to look into other options in the college of arts and sciences. Journalism became the front runner due to my love of reading and writing, so I decided I’d give it a shot. Last semester I took a class titled the history of mass media, and enjoyed it so much that I’ve all but declared my major.

Media has turned into such a major aspect in our lives during the past decade. How we get our news is one way it has changed so much. Newspapers are becoming obsolete and more people are acquiring their news online. I use my iPhone to get the majority of information: social media, applications, and subscription e-mails are just a few examples of this. My generation grew up with the ability to access tons of information at any time of day. I know that I’m on my phone too much, and realize I have become attached to it. Everything is convenient and reachable, which is why it’s easy for this to occur. There are definitely things that concern me due to the obsession with cell phones and computers. Face to face interactions could become infrequent and the quality of relationships may suffer. I sometimes look at the younger generations who ask for iPhones and iPads for their 8th birthdays, and wonder what the future will bring. Positive outcomes occur due to the world being linked also. Disasters and emergencies are reported so quickly and everyone is made aware, which prevents more tragedy from occurring.

The role of journalist’s has been evolving due to new innovations as well. It’s necessary for information to be released extremely quickly, or else it’s almost irrelevant for much of the population. The type of news that people are interested in has shifted; celebrity gossip is viewed as an important and valid news source. Most people I know could tell you about recent Kardashian drama if prompted, yet I’m not sure they would be capable of talking about Barack Obama’s education plan. Twitter is used as an outlet for news that has grown in popularity and is limited to only 140 characters. Getting the story out quickly and to a large group of people is of utmost importance to some many news sources. Essential and relevant news is still being provided, I just believe the older generations are the ones paying most attention to it. The spectrum is very wide when it comes to journalists and how they choose to investigate and report. The world is growing and the media is adjusting themselves appropriately. As a journalism student, I have to recognize that there are both positives and negatives happening as a result of changes taking place.


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