The books, videos, podcasts, blogs and in class discussions have opened my eyes to the extensive areas of journalism and how they have changed over the last decade. Digital media was introduced and completely reconstructed the business model used by news organizations. Newspapers are in trouble and social media is on the rise. Advertising and public relations are two other areas we touched on in class. Both of these have been forced to undergo changes due to digital media as well. Print advertisements are almost obsolete and public relations professionals have much more control over their messages to the public than they used to.

I really enjoyed all of the different ways in which we learned throughout the semester. Videos and photos allow me to fully understand concepts and kept things interesting. Listening to different people talk and give their opinions about the journalism world helped provide perspectives. Asking someone in the field of PR come talk to us was also very beneficial. Most of the material we talked about is very relevant in the world today, not just for journalism majors. Everyone should know about the importance of keeping newspapers and news organizations afloat. Photojournalism is a subject that I had no prior knowledge of. It was really interesting to learn about what goes into taking Pulitzer Prize quality photos. Photojournalists are a group suffering due to loss of revenue in news organizations, in many companies they cut these employees first. The biggest take away from this class is that journalism is not what it used to be and there are positives and negatives regarding this. It’s easier to get news, but everyone gets it on the internet for free and it isn’t always accurate. The new business model has been adapted by most organizations and the one’s who haven’t switched over, have suffered. I think this is the most important idea conveyed throughout the course of the semester. Newspapers are failing and the majority of the public doesn’t know or care about it.

Some things I didn’t like about the content we learned was about the history of journalism because I had already taken a class on it. There were some ideas that were review and not difficult to grasp. I also didn’t love the books, they were informative but not the most interesting reads. I think that in future semesters it would be beneficial to students if group discussions about the lectures were continued. I also think that expanding deeper into some of the ideas we talked about would be interesting. The blog posts always forced me to investigate things more closely  so I believe they should be required for next semester as well.

Overall, I learned a lot about the principles of journalism and how the industry is evolving. Digital and social media are taking the world by storm and it is effecting everyone, not just journalists. I’m excited to have a career in PR and advertising, and am glad I learned information surrounding each of them.

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